why gender? why stan? why?

It’s been ages since I started thinking about how the society functions in general, somehow certain things did not fit into my idealistic worldview and got me questioning and wondering. Gender is one of the big puzzles for me. Very rigidly defined and hardly ever questioned but at the same time so fluid and flexible.  

I live in Kyrgyzstan, ‘stan’ meaning a place-state-home. This blog is like a home in a way, too,  for gender-wonderers (benders, blenders, feminists, misogynists (yes, them, too because they have a view as well which is based on how they interpret gender)) and actually anyone who is interested. 

What I want to do here is to look at Kyrgyzstan’s society in a gendered way with gender meaning diversity and recognition of different statuses that people are given by the society. 

3 thoughts on “why gender? why stan? why?

  1. I will keep this up. Looking for comments and ideas for content though. There is so much to cover, I am following the news now mostly but need some problem areas, too.

  2. Hey,
    you have got pretty amazing blog. I am sure soon you will have lots of readers who are interested in this really HOT topic that is often a topic of hot debates all around the world. Good luck in your work.

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