misogynist episode

Misogyny is a term used to define the strong hatred attitudes towards women that exist in most societies. Women are said to be guilty of everything you can think of and the root of the world’s problems. Misogyny is the source of subordination.

One friend shares a personal story:

“Just a couple days ago I was sitting in a computer lab of my school’s library and heard two friends discussing one’s essay. I know that the eavesdropping is impolite, but i couldn’t help myself, the essay was discussing girlfriend in heterosexual relationship and was a great piece representing cultural devaluation of women.

The essay was for the English composition class. A really good friend appreciated and admired the courage of the author who felt even more encouraged by reading out loud the “names” he called his girlfriend. It was supposed to reflect the ploblems of university students and he saw it in the girls as all the money and health should be spent on them. One does not have any cash left to have nutritious meals and has no time for school work.

Laboratory was not quiet place anymore, but full of laughing and proud talking on how women are worthless. 

No one complained. No one felt that it was wrong or full of insults. Or those people are discouraged to do so… maybe because those societal norms would let them speak out. Whether it was the implicit gender perfoming by those two suffering from expectations to be “masculine” and misogynist.

One of them stood up to walk towards the girl sitting right across me. She met him with a smile as it was supposed to be this way while I was leaving the room with the big label stuck to my back – Fword- feminist, which is a major source of allergies in our society.”

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