Rights of believers and non-believers in Kyrgyzstan

There are new arguments for an interpretation of human rights that are raised by the organized Muslim believers. I heard this argument in relation to homosexuality, that ‘homosexuals violate the rights of 4 million Muslim believers in Kyrgyzstan for whom homosexuality is a sin’. Today the president and the new Constitution are violating the rights of believers, writes 24.kg. First of all, the Constitution states that Kyrgyzstan is a secular state which means that Kyrgyzstan is a ‘godless, spiritual-less and moralless state’ said Akim Toktaliev (source: 24.kg), chair of the committee of protection of the Kyrgyz people’s honor and dignity.

There is an ongoing discussion about wearing hijabs to school in the South. Girls could be dropping out of schools (which has been a trend before) without the possibility to wear what their religion instructs them to do.

From gender point of view, the main concern is freedom of expression and belief. There are more and more women in Bishkek wearing hijabs. People living in Jal district of Bishkek report being woken up at 5 am by visitors from nearby mosque who are asking all men in the family to come for a prayer. If a woman opens the door and her hair is not covered, the male visitors turn away and ask her to call her husband or another male relative to the door. Would it be possible for a woman who chose not to cover her hair or body to speak in Parliament or walk on the streets without ‘violating rights of believers’?

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