Charmed apple or why a young woman cannot get married.

A story I heard recently was about two young sisters who were upset with their female neighbor for burying a charmed apple into a male chestnut tree in their garden. The apple was charmed by a traditional fortune teller who was helping the neighbor to arrange a marriage. The neighbor got married within a short period after she buried the apple. The sisters who are in Kyrgyz tradition past marriage age (over 20) were angry because the charmed apple could have turned away potential husbands from them. This story illustrate some of the traditional beliefs that give supernatural powers to traditional healers and fortune tellers which help usually in situations within gendered frames. For example, a young woman called crisis shelter hotline crying because she could not get out a charmed stone out of her vagina. The woman was desperate to get her boyfriend to marry her and was advised by the healer to use the stone as a tool. A transsexual person reported being forced to meet with various healers and fortune tellers and drink charmed liquids, tea and experience the healing touch in different parts. His family wanted to cure their child of acting outside of the gender boundaries, the healing did not help.

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