Kyrgyz parties finalizing election party lists and complaining

Some Kyrgyz parties already finalized their party lists. It’s interesting to look at the lists from the diversity perspective. The 5-name list of opposition Ar Namys (Dignity) party, for example, includes a Kyrgyz woman – Bodosh Mamyrova – and one man with a Russian last name Valeriy Dil. Ar Namys notes that out of 100 candidates on their party list 48% are women and 40% represent different ethnic groups.

 Ata Meken (Homeland) party also has Russian Tatiana Ponomaryova (deputy chair of Bishkek city council) and one Russian man on their 5-name party list.

Meanwhile, youth political organizations are complaining that there are very few female leaders among them. These organizations might be uniting to ensure that youth’s views are represented not only in declarative party lists but also in the parliament.

There are some worries circulated in the media that the party lists will not get the minorities into the parliament.

I am closely following the situation and will be writing updates about it.    

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