some official statistics on violence against women in Kyrgyzstan

As I am digging into the issue, I am finding some reports on sexual violence and resources available to survivors online. Most of them are in English, yet they provide interesting information. For example, a website run by UNIFEM has information which is rather rare, e.g. official statistics on violence against women.  Only 296 rape cases in 2005 and 7 forced sexual acts were reported. And the number for police visits on domestic violence calls is above 8000 while only 101 protective orders were issued in 2005. 

As the usual police reaction and intention is to reconcile the partners, women usually cry until morning and then settle back into their usual violent situation the next day hoping that it won’t happen again. (p.3 accessed 9 Nov 2007)

‘According to official statistics [of Kyrgyz National Statistics Committee], the number of total registered crimes against women was 3,631 in 2003, and 4,135 in 2005. In 2003  94 women were murdered, while 106 in 2005. In 2003 211 cases of rape against women were reported, while 296 in 2005. Only eleven forced sexual acts were registered in 2003, and seven in 2005. Between 2002 and 2004, 50 cases of human trafficking were reported, out of which the victims was female in 26 cases. The Department of Interior Affairs made 8,579 visits to respond to domestic violence calls in 2005. The department issued 101 temporary protective orders in 2005 and 39 during the first three months of 2006.

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