Witch-hunting: Criminal case against Edil Baisalov

Catholic countries eliminate the history of the catholic church’s fight against women aka witch-hunting and inquisition. Hunting down people whom the dominating structures cannot explain or understand is a basis of authoritarian and patriarchical power. Right now Kyrgyz authorities started a witch hunt for Edil Baisalov who has not been writing on his blog since 4 December and is accused of making confidential ballot forms public by publishing them on his blog. The news agencies are dissemintating information about Baisalov trip to Almaty as a sign of escaping the justice.  Head of Kyrgyz state human rights commission Tursunbek Akunov’s reacted particularly strange. He said that ‘real patriots do not leave the country in times like this’.   Tursunbek used to have Baisalov’s solidarity when he was on hunger strike in his opposition times.  There are also reactions from political parties supporting the decision of Central Election Commission to deregister Baisalov and ask his party to pay for the 2 million destroyed ballots.

24.kg news agency is full of ‘news’ citing anonymous sources in Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan about Baisalov leaving Kyrgyzstan to ask for asylum in the embassies of different countries.  

Edil himself is quoted by Akipress saying that he went to Almaty to spend time with his friends over the weekend.  

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