Parliamentary Elections 2007: how did the day go?

The election day process did not touch me directly as I was on my way to Bishkek and after a 6-hour delay in Moscow airport due to heavy fog in Bishkek.  But I’ve been calling/msning people who were actively involved in documenting the process.  So far a lot of people were not able to cast their vote due to not being registered with their election constituency. It took hours to go to court and get their constitutional right secured. One of neweurasia active bloggers who is also a youth liberal activist spent couple of hours trying to get to vote as well.  

I also got feedback from interpreters working with the OSCE monitoring mission in Kara-Balta. As I am writing this post, some of them are pressued by the local election committees not to translate everything that is happening during the ballot count.

The last parliamentary elections brought about a drastic change in power and provided Kyrgyzstan with same-sex parliament (as it is said in Russian).  These elections came unexpected but brought about a ‘democratic’ quota which should ensure representation. The elections as usual (see reports from 1995, 2000, 2005) went with a lot of violations, yet few election results will be questioned. I would say that it’s going to be some 70-80% voting for Ak Jol and then 5-10 % for other parties with SDPK, ArNamys, Ata Meken being in top 3 following Ak Jol. Will this mean that women/young people/non-Kyrgyz make it to parliament and will have a significant representation? We will see. The Russian elections showed that Put(t)in(g) your name on the ballot and winning a seat does not mean that a person actually counted on being in the parliament. Maybe putting names of the pop stars on the ballots will help win elections… Dima Bilan for Ak Jol, for example. Interesting ways to get democratic decision-making to work.

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