Women and Youth party receives the least number of votes

Yesterday’s elections proved yet another point: the way Kyrgyz society is structured does not allow for diversity in the parliament. One pro-presidential party winning the elections with 47,43% of the votes (at least not 70%) and aiming at one-party parliament.  So all-male system is now changing to one-party system with hopefully some representation of women, youth and non-Kyrgyz ethnic groups. As expected the party called the ‘New Power’ (Novaya Sila) won as little as 0,23% (a little bit over 4000) of the votes. The New Power included mostly women and young people and was not able to invest into a large-scale campaign involving mobile phone operators or popular artists. I don’t have their poster on the wall.

Somebody told me today that Kyrgyzstan is not ready for a party like that. Was it ready for a party established two months before the elections and directly linked to the president? By the way, the president himself said today that the parliament ‘will not be the same as the previous one despite the outcome of the elections’. He meant women, youth and different ethnic groups will be represented. 

One thought on “Women and Youth party receives the least number of votes

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