Kyrgyz Ombudsman asks politicians to swear on Koran

Just to discuss the hypocrisy of interpretation of the concept of human rights in Kyrgyzstan. I was just watching Tursunbai Bakir uulu (who was Kyrgyz ombudsman for five years) on an ‘analytical’ program. He was talking about how flawed the elections wear and saying that the people in power in Kyrgyzstan do not fear God and do not prepare for their second life after death. At one point of the interview he took out a tiny Koran out of his pocket and said that he always carries one with him. During his speech he has not mentioned human rights a single time, yet religon was indeed the main topic of conversation.  According to Bakir uulu,  Kyrgyz people need to have an ideology which will be rooted in religion to replace the old communism ideology and not to have ‘vacuum’ in their heads.  At some point he also said that he prays five times a day but does not even make his staff to do so in response to concern about his religiosity being an issue.

I can’t wait for the new ombudsman elections and actually need to ask around about the possibility of taking part in the elections process.

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