The new parliament: 90 seats, laptops and women.

There are comments in the blogosphere about the new parliament: now the parliament has more space, laptops and women…  Was just watching evening news and realized that the 22 women in parliament remain invisible. The journalists continue to do close-ups of men and interview them only. The one woman who was mentioned in the news was former head of Constitutional Court Cholpon Baekova.  I am so wishing for women who speak in the parliament. Can’t wait to see them in action.  Hoping that they will realize how important their presence is for us, other women. 22 out of 90.

On the mono-party parliament, there are ten committees and mostly Ak Jol party members in them.  The dominating party chose the new Prime Minister today. He is an ethnic Russian (I assume from the last name and looks) and a mathematician. President Bakiev approved the parliament’s choice. How surprising! Bakiev also said today that the political battles are over now and Kyrgyzstan is entering the new year with a new promising parliament.  

3 thoughts on “The new parliament: 90 seats, laptops and women.

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