The lives of sex workers in Kyrgyzstan

Red Umbrella - symbol of sex worker’s struggle for protection of their rights

Just read through a magazine prepared by sex workers who came in December from different regions of Kyrgyzstan. Very simple language and design. Their stories touched me. The text of the magazine will be uploaded to this blog because the site where the journal was is in reconstruction.

I translated some of the shared stories which are real-life situations:

 1. A young woman survived a group rape, she turned to police and her complaint was registered. There was no investigation because the rape was committed in a district where sex workers work.

2.  A client instead of paying with a service for sex, brought a transsexual woman to a faraway district, beat and robbed. Because the woman was transsexual, she was scared to turn to the police as they treated her harshly before.

3.  The police searched a woman’s bag and found five condoms in it, the woman was detained on the grounds of ‘prostitution’

In Kyrgyzstan sex workers find police as the major source of their troubles. The police detain them, blackmail them, take bribes and organize so-called ‘saturday work days’ (subbotniki) 2-3 times a month when the sex workers have to perform sexual services to the police for free.

NGO ‘Tais Plus’ which sees as its main goal empowering sex workers to achieve better conditions for them, has been working with sex workers since 1997. Their main principles are human approach, empowerment, self-governance and maximum independence. 

5 thoughts on “The lives of sex workers in Kyrgyzstan

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  3. I have been astonished to read the different cases of FSW’s and women abusing in Kyrgystan. I am also working for the HIV and AIDS awarenss among FSW’s and tose having risky bahavior in Pakistan since 1992. Currently my organization is working with the collaboration of UNICEF for the rehabiltation of Sexually Exploited Children (SEC), so that they may not become FSW’s in future. Currently there are 3888 such victamized children in our thirteen free schools. It is my life time dream to replicate this program in any othrer country of the world. I would like to coordinate NGO ‘Tais Plus’ to start similar project in your country. Our organization will be pleased to provide technical aswell as education guidance.

  4. I am much delighted to update that I have been serving sex workers in Lahore, Pakistan by creating necessary HIV and AIDS awareness among them by establishing Anti Narcotics and AIDS Resource Center in the heart of red light area of Lahore, where more than 16,000 sex workers had been residing. But most of them have been shifted in other areas of Lahore to get better business. I was the first one who screened their blood for HIV and AIDS in 1993 collaborating WHO. Currently I am executing six schools for the children of the sex workers in Lahore, Pakistan so that they may not become sex workers of the future. We are providing formal and non-formal education, beside this we are also serving them through recreational visits, English, Computer, painting, drawing, art and craft programs. Currently there are more than 4000 children in our schools. Now our organization Vite-N-Hope wants to replicate this program in other areas of the world where sex workers are found on a large scale.

  5. Being the president of Vite-N-Hope I organized a speech contest among the students of different educational institutions of Lahore featuring “HIV & AIDS awareness” on the ev of Wold AIDS Day. I would like to advise all you to organize similar programs to sensitize the people of our communities to save them from the danger of AIDS.

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