Gender in the news

Picked up couple of newspapers today to read about what’s going on. These are some of interesting gendered quotes and summaries.

Linking women and social issues – the Minister of labor and social development 

 ‘The Minister of labor and social development Uktomkhan Abdullaeva can answer questions on increase for utilities cost, stipends for students, social payments and issuing coins, call 28-88-72’ (Vecherniy Bishkek 18 January 2008 issue)

Forced marriage legislation being implemented

‘A man accused of forcing a woman to marry him detained and facing sentences ranging from 10000-20000 soms (300-600 $) to couple of years in prison’

Western ideas challenging local traditions 

‘Three students of American University – Central Asia, alumni of US-government sponsored exchange programs, travelled to villages to talk about bride kidnapping’

Women adding smell to the parliament

‘The atmosphere [in parliament] is lively and a little perfumed since third of the people in hall is women who decidedly use their secrets of charming the world’

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