WordPress in Turkey, church against LGBT and other news

The revelation of the last week for me was that wordpress is banned in Turkey. I could not post anything for the week even though I planned to. Now I am back and looking at the news.

The top three news for now are:

1. Russian Orthodox Church against homosexuality and Apostolic church story continued. Today local chapter of Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) made a public statement that ROC ‘has never supported, does not support and never will support sodomites’. The press release available in Russian below accuses 5 Bishkek Channel for confusing ROC and Apostolic church and giving the viewers a wrong perception of the ROC’s position on homosexuality. The press release calles LGBT people ‘sodomites’ and compares LGBT people with necrophiles and pedophiles while the LGBT-friendly priest Maxim Bratukhin is described as a ‘disguised pervert’.  Kloop posted a balanced article about this situation.

2. Gender policy in Kyrgyzstan was mixed with other ‘soft’ issues through the parliamentary committee for youth, gender policy, physical education and sports.

3.  Interesting discussion on bridekidnapping is happening on Diesel forum. There is not a single person there supporting this ‘tradition’.

press release of the Russian Orthodox Churech

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