Pharmaceutical companies and women’s health in Bishkek

I am one of the people who do not really trust post-Soviet doctors. Knowing about their low salaries and acute need for extra cash is not the best asset when you are planning to visit a gynecologist.  There is also a concern about corruption in medical universities and medical diplomas on sale.

Today a gynecologist tried to persuade me to buy some type of medicine called ‘women’s formula’ which supposedly would improve my health.  I asked other women who visited the same gynecologist and found out that they were offered the same medicine but had different gynecological diagnoses.  The medical facility that I visited is half-NGO, half-business and I was hoping that I would not hear about this kind of pseudo-medicines especially when I am worried about my own health.

It is quite common that medical facilities in Kyrgyzstan have dozens of bright posters of different types of medicines on display and medical professionals are contacted by pharmaceutical companies and asked to promote their products in exchange for a decent sum of money or per cent from each sold medicine.  Sometimes you can buy medicines right from the doctor, sometimes in special pharmacies. They also usually cost three-four times more than the usual medicines.

My concern in this situation is the health and financial risks that women have when they depend on advise of a doctor who is selling this kind of medicines.  The costs are high and results of the treatment are low plus it is also an unfair power relationship because the women believe that the doctor acts in their best interest. 

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