Georgia and gender-based violence on my mind

There are two issues right now which I am concerned about…

One is Georgia and Russian involvement in the conflict. It’s scary what can happen next to other autonomies which Russia just has to support ‘due to its Soviet legacy’ (read Russian media to find support for these arguments). My mom’s friend said that its all about elections in the US, they need a war to win elections, Iran and Iraq are not popular anymore so now its Georgia. A name of a country and a name of US state. See picture below for details on why some Americans feel that their country is invaded. It’s like ‘Wag the dog’ movie with ‘who cares about Albania?’.










And another one is gender-based violence. A transsexual woman was raped three weeks ago in Bishkek by three men, they burnt her nipples and genitals with cigarettes and burnt her bra, she did not dare to seek help and did not believe that it was possible to address the rape in court. This was a hate crime which could’ve been prevented. We could not register the rape because her legal gender is not female and only females can be raped according to the Kyrgyz law.  The image below is directly relevant to the hate crime…

a reported rape case

Sexual violence is a taboo issue, I started writing about it in October and was trying to collect information about it. As of now I still have not found available services for survivors.  From personal conversations I know that quite a few women have been raped either by strangers or boyfriends or in marriage, yet the rapes go unreported. I personally know a dozen of women who were raped at some point of their lives, some by relatives. Only one of this dozen of cases was reported to the police with criminal charges following. I know a woman who was raped during the days of revolution by the looters. Given my in a way ‘privileged’ circle of communication, I would assume that there is a lot more out there.

What made me think about the issue today is the reported case of alleged rape by 41-year-old father of his 19-year-old daughter. The Ministry of Interior says that the father has been continuously drunk and raping his daughter since September 2007.